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Andamento lento

04 feb. 2021 — 30 jun. 2021

Cristina Ferraiuolo

Stone butterfly

The photographs in this exhibition were taken in Naples between 2002 and 2018. They belong to the project Stone butterfly, which became a book published by Journal in 2018.

“Many years ago, when I began to photograph in the streets of my home town, I used to spend long hours vagabonding around neighbourhoods with my Vespa, ready to be surprised. It was the moment that I really saw them for the first time, as they resurfaced from my imagination and my teenage memories, leaving me totally seduced. They look like warriors, fiercely straddling their scooters, engaged in a tremendous race to conquer just a few metres of territory and ready to rock the world, in that very brief moment of their life when everything seems possible. Their beauty lies in their vital energy, a generating force that is as quickly consumed as the life of butterflies. I have been following their trajectories, retracing the ritual of their movements. Later on, from the street I gradually entered their homes, their lives. In there movement and speed surrender to a motionless time, in which a destiny already written is handed down, unchanged, from mother to daughter, without a second thought. And I found that in this determination lies their strength.
Stone butterfly was a long sentimental journey to the roots of my identity, in that feminine universe in which I have learned to recognize myself and which is a whole with the city itself”. (C.F.)

Born in Naples in 1967. Graduated in Economics, she worked as a fiscal consultant from 1990 till 2002. Since 2000 she dedicated herself more and more to photography, her great passion, which she practised in an amateur way since her childhood. In 2001 she began to collaborate with Toscana Photographic Workshop, working as an assistant to many Italian and foreign photographers. She realized personal projects in Naples, Havana, Paris, Buenos Aires, with particular attention to social issues. Among her first projects, Every Thursday, a photographic work on the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Member of the association Obiettivo Granieri from 2005 to 2012, she curated cultural events, workshops and photographic exhibitions, including, for FotoGrafia Festival in Rome, I bought me a cat, a group show of fifty female photographers from different countries around the world, Taliannu taliannu,The joy of seeing beyond the visible, solo exhibition of Evgen Bavcar, the blind Slovenian photographer. In 2013 she made a documentary short film, Rosa, selected at Bif&st 2014, at Arcipelago Rome 2014, winner of the prize for best screenplay at the Festival I corti sul lettino, Naples 2014.
She published in several newspapers and magazines, including Le Monde, Libération, L’Equipe magazine, Haaretz, Photograph mag, Gente di fotografia and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Naples, Rome, Milan. In November 2018 she published her first book Stone butterfly, a long-term personal project, with the Swedish publisher Gösta Flemming, Journal, presented at Polycopies, during Paris Photo 2018.