Andamento lento

Morten Andersen




The photographs in this exhibition were taken in Naples in 2011. They belong to the project Untitled.Cities that was released as a book in 2013.


“I have been photographing in European cities like Marseille, Paris, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Naples, and others. It’s a sci-fi inspired project where, by mixing the photos from the different cities, I have tried to create a new unnamed fictitious metropolis, in which real and fictive, seen and thought, image and illusion, approach or undermine one another. It’s neither narrative nor a traditional documentary, but a visual story where I try to resonate the social and psychological landscape of Europe today. A fiction based on my own experiences and fantasies, but with underlying themes as the current crisis in European economy, social and human conditions. With a backdrop of decay mixed with futuristic architecture, I also try to shed light on the relationship between history, future, and the development of the modern city. Apart from the future vision, it may wrongly sound as a more documentary project but it isn’t, the point is to create a photographic story inspired by film and literature and to convey my experiences and meetings. Although since as a photographer I relate to and work in the real world, there will always be a documentary side that places the work in a larger social, historical and political context. It is in this landscape I think photography is most interesting and has its strength and uniqueness”. (M.A.)