Anders Petersen

The exhibition presents a selection of the photographic work made in Naples by Anders Petersen, Swedish master of photography, during Spot home gallery’s first artist residency in the year 2022.
Throughout his long career, Petersen has photographed in cities across almost every continent, from Tokyo to London, from Valparaiso to Stockholm, driven by an inexhaustible curiosity and a profound interest for the other. For him, photography serves as a means to explore the complexity of the human experience, to capture with sensitivity and honesty the emotions that define and unite us as living beings, part of the one, big, same family.
Naples, a “city-world” of many thousand facets, with its chaos and its diverse humanity, was the ideal place for a photographer like him: it is precisely in chaos that life unfolds with all its unpredictability, vibrancy, and beauty.
They had never met before, but when it happened, it was love at first sight. Anders was struck by the city’s energy and enthusiastically accepted the not-so-easy challenge of photographing it. Naples revealed herself without filters, without fear of showing its wounds and vulnerabilities, open to the empathetic approach of a photographer who can look beyond the surface of things, who can find beauty in the ordinary, and embrace its imperfections.
The gaze that Anders Petersen rests on Naples and its humanity, bringing out its most carnal, sensual, primitive side, is an innocent gaze, free from the weight of prejudices and stereotypes.

“It is what it is,” the Swedish master often repeats like a mantra, eluding any attempt at interpreting his photographs.
Naples, too, “is what it is,” and we love it for what it is, with its flaws and contradictions.


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