Artist in residence
Anders Petersen
May 2022

Anders Petersen, the Swedish master of photography, inaugurates the first artist residency by Spot home gallery. The idea stems from the desire to support the creation of an artistic production in Napoli capable of sparkling emotions and reflection developing new perspectives and an imagery of the city that goes beyond commonplaces and clichés.
In this sense, Anders Petersen was only fitting to be the first artist in residence.

Since 1967, from his first work “Cafè Lehmitz”, a cornerstone in the world of international photography, Anders Petersen captures, with his empathic approach, in an authentic and direct language, the spontaneity of life that surrounds him in order to grasp its profound value.
The presence of Anders in Naples is a precious and unique opportunity that testifies the importance he attributes to our city, which he has chosen as a focus of his own artistic research.