Motion pictures

Adam Grossman Cohen /  Lorenzo Castore

Spot home gallery presents a program of screenings of films by Adam Grossman Cohen and Lorenzo Castore until May 31st 2022.
Photographic works interconnected with their film works will also be exhibited.
A dialogue between cinema and photography, between moving image and still image, and between two authors who have often intertwined their artistic paths over the years.


The artists were present at the gallery from April 26th to 29th 2022.






Adam Grossman Cohen

  • Blind grace  20′
  • Fire of time  28′
  • 4 Short Super 8 Films
  • 1. Brooklyn Cemetery to 42nd Street/Snow Day  2’45”
  • 2. Old Brooklyn Sugar Factory/from my Window  43”
  • 3. Brooklyn Cemetery/Snow Day  3’05”
  • 4. Late City Final  7’01”



Lorenzo Castore

  • Ultimo domicilio  19′
  • Casarola  7.49′
  • No peace without war  25′ (directed with Adam Grossman Cohen)



the films

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© Adam Grossman Cohen

© Adam Grossman Cohen

© Lorenzo Castore

© Lorenzo Castore