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Spot home gallery opens in Naples in February 2021 with the aim to disseminate and promote contemporary photography and its contaminations with other expressive languages through exhibitions, meetings, workshops. A place where, in a family atmosphere, one can share ideas and visions with artists, collectors, passionate, and curious.
The interest is aimed at those artists, well known or emergent, who with passion, rigor, courage, freedom, carry out personal research works that bring emotions and make us think, soliciting more questions than answers, suggesting new ways of looking and interpreting the world and time we’re living in.
Spot wants to become a space to support creation, offering to selected artists the possibility to spend a period of time in Naples, and work in freedom to their own research, dialoguing with a territory that will be object of exploration and source of inspiration.

Cristina Ferraiuolo

The history — Spot is an home gallery located in the heart of Naples, in via Toledo 66.
I like to think that the history of this place is strongly related to the idea that animates it. Via Toledo was built by the will of the Spanish viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo that, in 1536 decided to build a main street to connect the historical center, enclosed within the walls, with the sea.
Naples goes towards the world; the world comes to Naples.

Map of Naples in the XVIth century after the construction of via Toledo


Via Toledo is not only a street, it’s a feeling, present in the history and in the heart of every and each Neapolitan. Also in mine.

Carlo Brancaccio, Napoli , Via Toledo – Rain Impressions, 1888-1889


Here, in 1974, just in that section of Via Toledo painted by Brancaccio, my father opened Spot 2, a photography shop that, for 35 years, it has been the fulcrum of our family.

Spot 2 opening, 24th september 1974



My parents at Photokina in Cologne, 1970


Opposite, on the first floor of via Toledo 66, there was his studio, which later became my home, where I lived many years. Here I built my first darkroom and printed my first photographs, I welcomed artist friends that would came from far away to discover Naples.

Giovanni Ferraiuolo in his studio, 1974



And now, after many years I’m back here, with the pleasure to open a private space and make it a place to show, create, and experience photography.
Spot, a word whose possible meanings embrace many of my aspirations, remains first and foremost a sweet familiar sound to me.

    light point on contemporary photography

   place for meeting and sharing ideas and visions
for artists, collectors, enthusiasts, and curious

    position / point of view

    place / home