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Andamento lento

04 feb. 2021 — 30 jun. 2021

Martin Bogren


The photographs in this exhibition were taken in Naples. They belong to the series Italia, which is also a photo book published by Max Ström in 2016.

Between 2013 and 2015 Martin Bogren undertook his own personal Grand Tour of Italy travelling the country from south to north and photographing in Rome, Naples, Palermo, Bologna, Turin.
It is a lyrical and timeless portrayal of a country that can fit in memory, thoughts, feelings and dreams. Italia is an outer and inner journey, as he writes in the short intimate diary which accompanies his book: “Been walking around aimlessly for days now. Street after street. With a heavy heart, and solitude as a constant companion. I’ve forgotten why I’m here and wonder what I’m doing. A camera clutched in my hand, increasingly fearful, with a cowardly posture. I’ve forgotten why I photograph. It had something to do with solidarity, with getting closer to people. To see what happens inside myself reflected in the outside world and in the people I meet […] I move slowly up to the streets towards the square. A presence and intensity fill me – a connection with the people around me. I feel their energy and their vibrations. The subtlest shift in expressions, movements in hands and in gestures. Everything is given a meaning. I hold my breath and start to photograph – gently at first. I don’t want to lose the feeling”. (M.B.)

Swedish photographer born in 1967, based in Malmö (Sweden).
In the 1990s, Martin Bogren developed a personal approach of documentary photography by following Swedish musicians and artists on stage, tour, and studio. His first book The Cardigans - Been It, published at the top of the group’s success in 1996, reveals his work and launches his career.
Martin Bogren however aims at going beyond assignments and music field: he focuses on more personal photographic work developing his own unique writing.
Intimate accounts (August Song, 2019), travels encounters, (Notes, 2008, Italia, 2016), joy of first discoveries (Ocean, 2008), or teenage spleen (Lowlands, 2011, Tractors boys, 2013, Embraces, 2014): through grainy black-and-white and highly grey nuanced photographs, he succeeds in combining a documentary approach with a sensitive and poetic expression of his subjective vision.
Martin Bogren “manages not to disrupt the world into which he immerses himself, with decency, with attention and acuity, and with respect, without judging – holding his breath.” (Christian Caujolle).
He received many grants and prestigious awards, amongst them the Coup de Cœur at Rencontres d’Arles in France and the Scanpix Photography Award in Sweden.
His photos have been exhibited all over the world and are represented in several public and private collections - including Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Oregon Art Museum in Portland and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris.