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Andamento lento

04 feb. 2021 — 30 jun. 2021

Luca Anzani


The photographs in this exhibition were taken in Naples and printed by the artist between 2012 and 2020.

“I’ve always taken photos nearly exclusively for myself. What I love the most is just the material work of the photography, here’s why I mainly use film with traditional and historical equipment and techniques such as the view camera, medium format, pinhole, cyanotype, solarization. My photographic research has always aimed to experimentation; I often use disused equipment because I’m interested in working with means which are no longer necessarily useful, and very often I use them in a completely wrong way. Amartema is a work born just from the use of supports that had to be thrown away, and from the research of all the papers that were no longer in production and that I had never seen. And then I tried to understand what happened, what kind of results were produced changing the proportions of the chemical formulas. Many trials and many errors, this is what I’m interested in” (L.A.). Differently from verbal language, the photographic image cannot lie. You see what has been, indubitably. But how to recognize what has been, if what one sees is always dissimilar to itself? Amartema provokes the spectator in this competition, showing that the truth does not necessarily coincide with the real, but rather explodes in multiple and unpredictable oversights, which allow us to go through it, even if we don’t focus on it.

Born in 1966 in Naples, where he lives and works.
Graduated in Philosophy, the artist has long been interested in photography as an expressive medium and makes passionate use of it.
A lover of industrial music, he makes experimentation the central element of his photographic work. Starting from 1995 he began photographing some Neapolitan musical groups as Almamegretta; in 2001 he took the photos for their CD Imaginaria, winning the Italian Music Awards. He collaborated with several musicians including Raiz, Libera Velo and Svez for whom he created cd covers and booklets.
In 2002 he exhibited the Fisheye Project at the Inside Open gallery in Naples together with Marc Quinn. He published his works in university journals and collaborated in the editing of articles of several magazines concerning philosophy, art, literature, music. From 2008 to 2012 he collaborated with the Obiettivo Granieri association, organizing workshops, exhibitions, photographic events including Nel ventre di Napoli and Naples, New Year’s Eve with Michael Ackerman.
He exhibited in numerous collective and personal exhibitions between which Doni. Authors from Campania proposed for Imago Mundi, a global project by Luciano Benetton.
In 2012 he founded the Centro di Fotografia Indipendente in Naples with the photographers Mario Spada and Biagio Ippolito, where he’s been teaching Photography and Darkroom for 8 years. Since 2015 he is involved in stage photography for independent projects.