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Spot home gallery inaugurates with Andamento lento, a collective exhibition of eight
photographers dedicated to Naples, the setting and pretext of a photography that it is placed in
that magical space between reality and fiction.
Andamento lento is a story of friendship and photography, and I’m part of it.
I’ve chosen to introduce you a ‘family’ of photographers in which close relationships are
intertwined with artistic correspondences all sharing a way of immersing oneself in the world with
open eyes and hearts.
Works carried out over a period of more than twenty years by photographer friends who inspired
me and with whom I shared moments of life, the passion for photography, and the love for my
The gazes of us Neapolitans find echo in the sensibility of other gazes coming from geographically
distant worlds to evoke together the emotional dimension of a city that never reveals itself
completely. Naples, its chaos, ideal place where to get lost and find yourself again.
The andamento lento is the time of a photography that is born from within; it’s the time for
thoughts, feelings, dreams, wide and free.
Spot home gallery is the (re)start of a new adventure, and at the same time, a sweet
A family space full of memories. When I was little it was my father’s studio, in front of his
photography shop from which I now take the name as a gift. As an adult it was my home, here I
built my first darkroom, I welcomed artists from all over the world, some of whom are next to me
in this exhibition.
Spot starts again today from a new challenge: become a point of light on contemporary
photography. A place where, in a family atmosphere, one can share ideas and vision with artists,
collectors, enthusiasts, and curious.
Spot is my red point, it is the choice of a point of view, that on a photography able of bringing
emotions and insinuating doubts, of opening our eyes making us think, suggesting different
prospective, new ways of looking and interpreting the world and the time we are living.

With ndamento lento, a free wave.

Cristina Ferraiuolo

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Andamento lento